Paediatric Sleep Consultation Services

Sleep is the single most important thing alongside nourishment for babies and adults alike. Babies need sleep to thrive, develop and grow. We are here to help you gently and successfully get your little one to sleep through the night independently. Through our personalized sleep plans and customized program you will feel supported and motivated to teach your child the invaluable skill of falling and staying asleep every night.

Look forward to bedtime being an exciting part of the day to share with your child!

5 steps to get your baby to sleep

Custom consultations are available for:

Prenatal Package

This package is designed for expecting parents.

Newborn Package

0-3 months

Infant Package

4-18 months

Toddler/Child Package

19 months to 10 years

What Our clients say

Thank you for all your help it's made a world of difference! I can actually have a bit of a life back and have been able to get a full nights sleep!

Sumera Y

Enlisting Aliya's expertise was the best decision I ever made! Aliya gave me a step by step plan and provided additional support if I EVER needed it. She's extremely approachable and ever ready to answer any questions or concerns. What I love about her is that she is able to recognize your child's needs and cater to them!

Zahra C

Thank you for everything! It has been life changing to see Husayn Ali go from such poor sleep to good habits.


Aliya was ever-ready to help me as I sleep trained my son, she was amazing and very professional. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants their child to sleep through the night independently!

Zainab K