Prenatal Package

The prenatal package is customized for parents that are expecting a baby and want to help their baby develop good sleep skills right from the start. Helping mom get the sleep she needs during pregnancy and preparing her for how to nurture the same for her new bundle of joy. Teaching babies to sleep right from the beginning is not only beneficial for the baby but also for their caregivers.


  • Phone Consultation: A 60-minute consultation to help us get to know you and your family in order to create the best plan for you 
  • Personalized Sleep Plan: This plan will be emailed to you following our consultation personalized to you and your family
  • Email support: 3 emails in the first 12 weeks of your little ones life. Supporting you with any questions or concerns during your sleep journey
  • My “Tips and Tricks” Package: Tips and instructions on how to deal with changes that may effect your little ones sleep . (eg. change of naps, travel, teething, daylight savings and more)
Other Packages:
New Born 0-3 months
Infant 4 - 18 months
Toddler/Child 19 months - 10 years

We will help you follow a healthy sleep plan as your baby grows and get you and your baby off to a great start!